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Home interior has gone to a whole new level with our special Galaxy Hex Lamp. With the help of the innovative LED touch technique, the lamps turn on or off with the ease of a single touch. Add up to 22 pieces together and use your imagination to create various shapes.

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Touch sensing control
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Simple design

Customize to your space.

Rapidly modular components equals a system that can be easily adapted to any scenario. Connect the tiles together using the magnetic edges to create a structure that best suits your interior. 

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Our Galaxy Hex Lamp will drastically change your home providing you with that modern and stylish interior you've always wanted. The wall light is turned on, and off by the user's physical touch. A capacities sensor is used as a switch that turns each component on or off when the user's body touches the surface. This design allows the user to effectively slide where they want or need light.

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The sturdy lamps give off a 3500-4500k glow and is sure to keep anyone entertained for hours! A slight wave is all you need to turn them on and their magnetic sides allow them to be quickly assembled or disassembled so that you can test out a variety of shapes and setups to get the exact look you are wanting.
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